Turkish Literature
The Disenchanted

The Disenchanted
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Author : 
Publishers : Milet 
Price : $16.95
Description : Do we speak about ourselves, to make us believe that we exist? If that’s the case, I’ll keep quiet...
Who is Kuzey Erkil? A writer and romantic, a misanthropic alcoholic, or simply a man with an immutable death wish? Try to pin him down and he will certainly elude you. One thing we do know: he’s the owner of a hotel that beckons assorted misfits, dreamers, loners and explorers to its terrace on a moody peninsula stretching out into the Aegean Sea. Who is Kuzey Erkil and what haunts him so? How did a fish god, an Iraqi mother, and the bones of a dog come to be the tangled filaments of his abyss-bound dreams? Through diary entries and eye-witness accounts, we piece together the mystery of a man sinking into a bleak apathy as death refuses his entreaties, even as he is buoyed by the echoes of his heart’s most exquisite fluttering. In The Disenchanted, renowned Turkish writer Mehmet Eroğlu crafts a poignant tale of love and despair that transcends time—a tale engrained in the rocks and whispered by the sea in a landscape shaped by memories.

Barcode : 9781840597660
Size : 135x195mm
Number of Pages : 260
Publication Date : 09/09/2012
Translated by : Alvin Parmar
Cover Type : Paperback
Language : English

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