Turkish Literature
Something Funny to Write About

Something Funny to Write About
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Author : 
Publishers : Milet 
Price : $12.95
Description : A young boy challenges an old man to write about something funny. For a seasoned author, how difficult can this be? Surely it’s just a matter of diving into his memories and producing an amusing tale from his past. But as Süleyman Akçalı revisits scenes from his earlier life, he realizes he has lived for seventy-three years without a single comic interlude. He even struggles to remember the last time he laughed. Then it hits him: What if his whole life, far from being the tragedy he imagines it to be, is actually one long comedy? Something Funny to Write About is a chronicle of nostalgia and longing, a collection of confrontation and regret. A washed-up singer, a proud shopkeeper, a grateful widow, a bemused holidaymaker… They each have a multilayered story of friendships rekindled and discovered, dreams deferred and hopes renewed. The plain emotion and insistent truths of Deniz Kavukçuoğlu’s prose breathe life into the deeply singular human stories inhabiting modern Turkey. As the title story reminds us, amid life’s follies and disappointments, we are all of us laughable figures.

Barcode : 9781840597653
Size : 135x195mm
Number of Pages : 160
Publication Date : 09/09/2012
Translated by : Alvin Parmar
Cover Type : Paperback
Language : English

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