Turkish Literature
Kind-hearted Sinners

Kind-hearted Sinners
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Publishers : Milet 
Price : $12.95
Description :

Istanbul. A love affair unravels.

The lovers, never named, never described, lose their identities in their love and struggle to return to individual existence, either through a descent into respectability or into introspection and feeling. As they attempt to salvage their lives from the smoldering remnants embedded in their hearts, their minds, it is only from the pain of the situation that the beauty of the life-giving words that compose this novel can be grasped.
Here, in an anonymous Istanbul, ordinary lives and loves have the potential to become extraordinary and poetic. Kind-hearted Sinners vividly evokes the frustrations and indignities, the exquisite and unparalleled pleasures of love. It will move anyone who has ever been enriched by love or wounded by it, who has ever yearned to know and possess another soul fully.

Barcode : 9781840597646
Number of Pages : 160
Publication Date : 04/04/2012
Translated by : Alvin Parmar
Cover Type : Paperback
Language : English

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